Art Life: South of the River | Welcome to My World

In January 2016 artist Ian Pepper began a project, commissioned by BasementArtsProject and supported by Leeds Inspired, to realise an exhibition that had at its core life in South Leeds. Between January and April, Pepper walked the streets of South Leeds photographing and interviewing people whilst documenting the area more generally. The images were then turned into a series of portraits in pencil, pen and ink, with a smaller number done in paint on board, while the documentation formed a large series of digital collages and an audio work. It was this body of work that formed the exhibition ‘A Feast of Beeston’ at BasementArtsProject in Beeston between 6th and 16th May.



From this experience the project expanded into two one day workshops in September and October based at the nearby Vale Circles on Tunstall Road. The workshops involved members of the art groups that already exist within the centre alongside people from the surrounding community in South Leeds. The workshops were designed to accommodate those who may have never before considered picking up a pen or pencil, or engaging in an activity such as collage, along with those who may be seasoned artists already.



As a result of these two workshops Ian Pepper will be returning to Beeston’s BasementArtsProject for one final time this year for an exhibition entitled ‘Welcome to My World’. This exhibition will involve work produced between the end of ‘A Feast of Beeston’ in May and now. This time his work will be placed alongside that of those who participated in the workshops. Come and join Ian and the other participants for the opening of this exhibition at BasementArtsProject on the evening of Thursday 24th November between 7.30 and 9.30pm, and celebrate the creative life of the South Leeds Community.

A big thank you to Paul Digby, Will Morris and all of the other staff who welcomed the project with open arms at Vale Circles.

Welcome to My World | An exhibition of new work by Ian Pepper and the community of South Leeds.



Thursday 24th November | 7.30 – 9.30pm


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