April Fool – were you taken in?


They say you can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time.

Image: Noel Curry.
Image: Noel Curry.

It’s time to come clean, as many of you spotted our story about the Post Office swapping the LS10 and LS11 postcodes was an April Fool. We hope you enjoyed the joke.

We got a great response on Twitter and Facebook, the comment from Paul Burton was typical: “Good effort, but seriously ‘BS Solutions’?”

Our elected members also responded. Hilary Benn MP tweeted:

“Tell April Fulton not to worry. Plan will be old news by end of today (1 April). Got me until I twigged. Wonderful!”

Adam Ogilvie, Councillor for Beeston & Holbeck was approached by a ‘concerned local businessman’ and South Leeds Life contributor Dave Florence. Adam did his duty and took the matter to Leeds City Council’s Chief Executive Tom Riordan. His deputy’s reply explained to Adam:

“Having read the article I note the following is included which in my mind clearly confirms this is indeed an April fool’s – look at the name of the spokesperson: April Fulton.”

Cllr Ogilvie had the grace to tweet:

“Well done @SouthLeedsLife for their April fool. Despite the clues I fell for it!”

April fool stories have become quite an institution amongst the British press. Today saw stories in The Guardian about how an independent Scotland would switch to driving on the right, whilst The Telegraph had Alex Salmond replacing the Queen on a new pound coin. The Guardian kept a watch and provided a useful roundup on their website.

Other local news websites like ours also got in on the act. Brixton Blog in London reported that their local independent cinema was to become a Waitrose. Another London blog, Kings Cross Environment, reported that a new ‘Maglev’ train would connect the HS1 terminal at St Pancras with the HS2 terminal at nearby Euston at speeds of 300mph.

April Fool’s Day is over for another year, so you can believe what we publish on South Leeds Life. At least for another 364 days!


6 Replies to “April Fool – were you taken in?”

  1. Well done, it even seemed plausible for moment. You almost had my Miggy hackles raised 🙂

    1. Hunslet LS10, it has been mentioned about a change to LS1 and that’s not an April fools nor will the council tax upgrade that goes with it!

      1. I’ve heard a lot of rumours over the years that LS10 or LS11 might join LS1. I’ve also heard from the Post Office that LS1 is quite big enough for them to manage, so I don’t think it’s very likely. As for the Council Tax, I’m not sure changing your postcode would have an enormous influence on the value of you property. And just to add for any conspiracy theorists out there, the Council have no control over postcodes.

        1. Hi Jeremy, I am a committee member at Middleton, I also worked at the Civic Hall for many years. And several other departments on and off from the early seventies. And have worked voluntary in the community for over twenty years!

  2. Well I am very disappointed about this. I was hoping it was true.

    Living in Leeds 11 is such a downer, what with all the demolition taking place and troubles with prostitution and attempts to use possible housing sites for religious activities we just don’t want around here…. My insurance company upped my premium when they found out what my postcode was. I’m so embarrassed to tell people I live in Leeds11.

    Having a Leeds 10 postcode is so much better – I’d just love to be able to have a prestigious postcode like that!

    Leeds 10 has the fabulous Middleton Park – so much better than the paltry Cross Flatts we have here, which as far as I know is only used for selling drugs. – And they’ve got an ALDI and are getting a bigger ASDA’s than we have. Why does Leeds 10 get good shops when they want, but Leeds 11 has to wait ages to get the KWIK SAVE opened again, and then with a shop that doesn’t sell english food!

    Not to mention the super trolley bus and the Leeds Forest housing development with NICE homes. – All going to Leeds 10.

    Yes come on, lets get the postcodes changed, lets see what Leeds 10 people feel about having to tell people they now live in Leeds11 !!

  3. There is a big development going on down there, that will bring much needed prosperity and local trade over the next few years. So the future is looking good for Holbeck and Beeston!

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