Agenda published for Inner South Area Committee

The agenda for Council’s Inner South Area Committee has just been published.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday 15th May at 6:00pm at Hillside on Beeston Road. The full papers for the meeting are available on the Council website.

The Committee is made up of the nine Councillors from Beeston & Holbeck, City & Hunslet and Middleton Park wards. There is an Open forum where members of the public can ask questions or raise issues of concern.

The following items are included in the agenda:

  • Minutes – 20th March 2013
  • Open Forum
  • Election of Area Committee Chair for the 2013/2014 Municipal Year
  • South Leeds Green Infrastructure Update
  • A Summary Of Key Work
  • Wellbeing Report May 2013
  • Date, Time and Venue of the Next Meeting