Abbie the online storyteller

Covid-19 is a hot topic at the moment and quite a frightening one for some, with the potential to bring out the worst in people. But what if we told you it’s also bringing out the best?

Following one local worker, Abbie, we’ve found an example of some of the goodness to push through the darkness and help lighten the day for many in the community.

Abbie works in the community already and is reaching out further than ever before utilising her talent for costuming.
Here is an example of one of Abbie’s costumes, Iron Man, which was most recently used to entertain children by performing Baby Shark, while still adhering to lock down procedures and not leaving her garden.

Abbie has offered to help children, and adults, who are locked down and feeling isolated or concerned at this time. Using the platforms of Skype and Zoom she is conducting either one to one conversations with children (accompanied at all times by a grown up) dressed as various fictional characters from Queen Elsa to a Thunderbird.

Since the lockdown started Abbie has been posting regular videos which include songs and stories for children to help break the monotony and hopefully spread some joy. She hopes that by being a bit silly in what is a very serious situation, she can help lift some of the pressure and depression people might be feeling at this moment.

Her passion for costuming stems from raiding her friends costume boxes as a child, she also feels that acting as characters is a bit of a break from the norm for her as well. She feels that if she can make at least one person smile by singing favourite songs or quoting favourite lines from movies, then her job is done.

Abbie is also keeping the St Luke’s Tots, Tea & Toast morning going online now that the group can’t meet up in person. Visit their Facebook page if this is something you feel you’d like to access or if you’d like to check out her storytime videos.