A firework Party Break in at Acre Court, Middleton

By Margaret of Middleton Elderly Aid and Resident of Acre Court,

Bin Yard at Acre Court, Middleton.

Margaret says,

“On Bonfire Night a gang or group of men broke into the bin yard at Acre Court sheltered housing flats and had a party with beer and let off fireworks.

“They left a mess and went on until late in the night.

“Also they broke fences to get in. Also a small fire was started in the morning.

“It was a good thing that the people who live in the flat near the bin yard, were away that night.

“No one from landlords Care 21, at the time of writing, has been to see the mess they have left.”





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  1. If those idot need excitement running a round terring older lady’s bank them in the army, brind back national sevece

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