55C Bus moves to hourly service from Monday

First Bus have announced that the 55C Cottingley circular bus service will reduce from a 30 minute to an hourly service.

In a statement Brandon Jones from First Bus said:

“The changes we’re introducing are temporary and are part of our current efforts to manage resources for passengers due to the widespread impact of the pandemic.

“From this Monday, the 55c service will operate every 60 minutes instead of the current 30 minutes. Timetable details are available on this link (select ‘forthcoming’)

“We appreciate that this will be less convenient for some passengers but these steps are necessary to maintain service delivery and ensure connections are retained. Please note such changes have only been considered where current passenger numbers permit.

“These temporary changes and are part of our wider efforts to ensure we can provide a network of services for customers. We will continue to monitor, review and adapt as required.”

The 55c runs from Cottingley via White Rose Shopping Centre, Holbeck Moor to Park Row in Leeds city centre.


Photo: Google Streetview


3 Replies to “55C Bus moves to hourly service from Monday”

  1. Absolute joke. First they want to shut Cottingley train station. Now they want to give us an inadequate bus service.
    Leeds City Council don’t give a damn about the people who live in Cottingley.

  2. I think one bus every 30 minutes is a poor service anyway never mind cutting it down to one bus every 60 minutes ! I have on occasions used the 86 bus which is one every 30 minutes and one every 60 minutes on Sundays – and sometimes these run late or miss altogether. It one improve things if they were every 20 minutes.

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