A trip to the South Leeds Independence Centre (SLIC) in Beeston

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Team of the Week: South Leeds Independence Centre.

This week we’re taking a trip to the South Leeds Independence Centre (SLIC) in Beeston. SLIC is a community rehabilitation unit with 40 beds. The centre integrates health and social care, in order to deliver short term patient centred rehabilitation, recovery and reablement.


Tracy Underdown, Home Care Assistant, has worked in SLIC and its predecessors for 19 years. She is an integral part of the team providing personalised and individualised care to patients needing rehabilitation.

Tracy said: “I really enjoy working here – working with nurses is great – it gives me a chance to develop my skills. The regular change in patients make every day interesting.”

In total SLIC has around 50 staff consisting of 14 nursing staff, 20 care staff, incorporating physiotherapists, occupational therapists and clinical assistants. SLIC has a dedicated team of kitchen and cleaning staff who are vital to it operating successfully.

Sarah Crabtree, the centre’s Senior Sister, provides leadership to the team and helps to coordinate the centre’s work.

She said: “We are a very diverse team that all have different skills. That is really important to our multidisciplinary approach with a therapy team, nurses and carers we can provide excellent patient care. I am very proud of how the team work – it can be tough working here but we always respond to any challenges as a team.”

SLIC operates a 24 hour approach to rehabilitation with registered nursing staff present day and night, 365 days a year.

Emma Gwilliam, one of the team’s Technical Instructors, works across physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

She looks at the equipment that people might need to be able to be discharged to their homes. She assists with exercises and highlights patients’ needs such as walking aids and other tools that can be used to improve people’s independence.

She supports people with Personal Activities of Daily Living (PADL) and Domestic Activities of Daily Living (DADL)– such as cooking in the kitchen, for example.

Emma said: “Every day is a challenge – it is a fast paced place to work but it is so rewarding seeing the improvements make and see them achieve their personal goals.”

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