BITMO’s GATE supports Dementia UK’s Time for a Cuppa campaign


Belle Isle TMO

Belle Isle TMO will be supporting Dementia UK‘s ‘Time for a Cuppa’ campaign.

They’re asking that from the 1-8 March this year, you to make Time for a Cuppa and raise some dough to help them to help families who are facing dementia through their fantastic Admiral Nurses.

Every cuppa we make and every cake we bake, will be helping them in their mission to ensure that there is an Admiral Nurse for everyone who needs one, and to support more families affected by dementia.

Join us on Tuesday 1 March for our ‘Time for a Cuppa’ coffee morning from 11am- 1pm in the GATE.

Ken says: People who know me, know I have early-onset Dementia. It can happen at an early age, but usually affects the elderly.

I  heard yesterday that I have to go for a brain scan in regards to my Dementia. I’m one of the lucky ones at the moment that I get plenty of support from Peter Smith who helps run many of the memory cafes in South Leeds for Demetria sufferers and their minders.

The support I get also from Carla at The GATE is remarkable, keeping me busy with all the Volunteer groups and as photographer at BITMO’s GATE events, so thank you Carla.

I help set up one Memory Café at the Parnaby Tavern, with the help of Mark, Linda and Peter Smith called the Parnaby Pals, it’s every Wednesday 2pm while 4pm. We’re  such a happy bunch, that many stay on after that time.

I will of course be at The GATE on Tuesday, and supporting Dementia UK’s ‘Time for a Cuppa’ campaign. I may even do some baking.