Police hit and run incident in Middleton

Hit and Run incedent (1)I was at the scene this morning where Police still had a large area taped and cordoned off this morning (20 February 2016), from last night’s hit and run incident of a Police officer at the Omnibus Pub on Sharp Lane in Middleton.

The incident happened around 7pm Friday night.  The pub closed for the last time on Friday night.



Hit and Run incedent (13)A white tent can be seen at the scene this morning. Police vehicles are also can be seen at the scene where Police have taped and cordoned off roads and streets, while investigations take place.Hit and Run incedent (3)

There is slow moving traffic in the area, while one lane is closed.

At this time we don’t know of the Police officer condition.


When the pub is demolished the land reportedly to be used to build flats on.

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