Children’s Lord Mayor addresses Council

Last Wednesday (13 January 2016) Hannah Begum, the Children’s Lord Mayor of Leeds, addressed the full Council meeting at Leeds Civic Hall.

Children's Lord Mayor Hannah Begum adressing Leeds City Council
Children’s Lord Mayor Hannah Begum addressing Leeds City Council

Hannah was joined by Faisal and Tahera, fellow pupils at Hunslet Moor Primary School, and put forward her proposals for a Global Families of Leeds Project. Her idea is to link youth groups around the city by setting up a database and encouraging groups to visit each other. For example a youth group from north Leeds might choose to visit a dance group in south Leeds.

Hannah said this would be a fun way to make new friends, break down stereotypes of neighbourhoods and improve community cohesion by helping children develop a sense of belonging to the city of Leeds.

“I love Leeds and feel proud to be a Yorkshire lass” said Hannah as she wound up to applause from the Councillors.

The meeting agreed to refer Hannah’s plans to the Head of Children’s Services and the Executive Member with responsibility for Children and Families.

Meetings of full Council are streamed live, so that anyone with a computer can watch them. The recordings are kept and you can watch Wednesday’s meeting here: To see Hannah’s speech select ‘4. Deputations’ from the agenda listing.