30 to 40 tonnes of rubbish removed from Beeston bin yards

In the region of 30 to 40 tonnes of rubbish have been removed from Beeston’s bin yards as part of a major clean-up operation.

Many of South Leeds’ bin yards have become dumping grounds for household waste over the years – but residents attending a meeting of Beeston Hill Residents Voice this week were told that the council was looking to tackle some of the problems.

Andy Beattie, of the council’s environmental health and environmental protection department, said bin yards had been tidied in the Harlechs, Lyndons and Woodviews areas – and reminded residents of their civic responsibility to take a pride in their community.

Mr Beattie said:

“We’ve been bringing residents’ attention to keeping the yards clean. We have served a lot of legal notices in the area – and we’ve noticed a lot of them are now staying clean, which is great news for the area.”

He added that the council was looking at the citywide problems connected to bin yards. One of the possible solutions could be to lower the walls of the yards.

The Yorkshire Evening Post recently reported  that tenants and residents in Holbeck will be asked if they want to see the walled yards – intended to contain wheeled bins – knocked down. The council’s Leeds South Inner Area Committee has more than £50,000 available to carry out the work.

Mr Beattie also said that the council was working with local businesses to help tackle some of the litter problems in the area and said there had been meetings with Leeds United to tackle some of the problems created by fans on matchdays.

The meeting, which was attended by about 20 people at the Building Blocks centre on Maud Avenue, also appealed for one or more local residents to become a ‘community champion’ which would include walking around the community to point out community issues to council officers and other agencies.