Month: March 2015

Targeting housing standards in Holbeck

A range of agencies made their way to the Recreations in Holbeck today (24 March 2015) to talk to residents in the next stage of their work to help landlords improve the area. The Leeds Neighbourhood Approach is an intensive project that has been piloted in Armley and Harehills. As

Slideshow: Beeston’s neighbourhood planners visit Wolverhampton

Fourteen members of the Beeston Neighbourhood Forum visited Wolverhampton on Saturday (21 March 2015) to learn from residents there who have completed their Neighbourhood Plan. The group heard from residents and council officers how the Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan had been formulated. The plan, which will guide development in the

Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid (BIEWA)

Belle Isle Elderly Winter Aid (BIEWA) was established in 1985 in response to severe winter weather conditions which put the health of older people in danger from the effects of cold weather in this particularly bad winter. The health effects were exacerbated by poor housing stock, poor insulation and unaffordable

Golfing star from Middleton, Jen Conlon trains for the world!

The shutters roll upwards at the PGA Academy at Oulton Hall on the evening of Wednesday 18 March 2015. Suddenly, an expanse of green land dotted with small white golf balls opens up before me. I am here to meet 14 year old Middleton golfer and Cockburn High School pupil,

Environment workshop aims for cleaner community

A hundred local people turned out last night (19 March 2015) to help find solutions to improve their local environment. The meeting, held at Beeston Village Community Centre, was organised by the Inner South Community Committee. Introducing the session, Cllr Adam Ogilvie that this is an issue close to all