You Can Bet: online silliness from Slung Low

Have you been watching Slung Low’s online fortnightly gameshow, You Can Bet Too?

Live from The Holbeck, at 7pm every other Sunday, on Facebook and Twitter, it’s an eclectic mix of cabaret, challenges, quizzes and daftness. You can even take part and win a prize!

Slung Low’s Artistic Director, Alane Lane described it:

“It’s called You Can Bet and it’s a game show of daring do and audience participation but it is also, we hope, different enough from the 1990 classic You Bet with Matthew Kelly to avoid any legal action from lawyers sat at home with nothing else to do.”

In a video message Matthew Kelly made contact to say:

“I’m here to wish you luck and have a wonderful evening playing the highly original and non-derivative You Can Bet.”

The fourth installment ‘You Can Still also Bet Too As Well’ is Live on Facebook: @SlunglowTheatre and Twitter: @SlungLow on Sunday 31 May at 7pm.

Special guests include: singer Jo Rochell, who will be belting out one of your favourite diva ballads, and a mystery personality will be testing one audience member’s knowledge of song lyrics.

It’s suitable for the whole family.

You can catch previous episodes – including throwing a child over an ironing board, moving a beer glass with a drone and and filling a socially distanced glass with a water pistol – on Slung Low’s Facebook page.

And then tune in again Live on Sunday 14 June at 7pm.

No humans or animals have been hurt in the making of this cutting edge entertainment and lockdown rules have been obeyed at all times.