Work continues on new Holbeck Moor skate park

Holbeck moor skatepark work
Work is continuing on the new Holbeck Moor Skatepark. Photograph: John Baron/

If you’ve been past Holbeck Moor recently, like me you probably wondered what was going to go on the large grey slab at the edge of the moor.

Well, apparently it’s a new skatepark for youngsters, and I understand it’s going to be using some of the equipment from the site behind the now-closed South Leeds Sports Centre. It should be a well-used facility for local youngsters.

No details yet when it’s supposed to be finished, but it can’t be far off. We’ll keep you posted.

One Reply to “Work continues on new Holbeck Moor skate park”

  1. Please post plans and old half pipe was far to big for everyone !! Please put a mini ramp in and smaller ramps not six foot jump ramps .what do you expect kids to be doing ten foot airs ?? The half pipe is far to big ask any skater or bmxer that why no one used it . Only a three foot mini is needed this way one one gets hurt and it is useable . Thank you ,Martin ingleby.

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