Women in Beeston urged to take up invite for breast screening appointment

Invitations to attend breast cancer screenings are currently being sent to women living in areas of Beeston.

The Breast Screening Hub will be inviting all eligible patients who are registered with a GP practice in Beeston to attend screenings from June to August 2022. Anyone who has received an invitation for a breast screening are urged to please book their appointment as soon as possible.

Every three years, women in the city aged between 47 and 73 years-old are routinely invited to undertake a screening, which involves a mammogram X-ray. The aim of the mammogram procedure is to detect any small changes in breast tissue that may indicate cancers that are too small to be seen or felt by the woman herself or a doctor.

Screening rates in Leeds have been impacted by the varied challenges of coronavirus. Breast screening saves around 1,300 lives each year in the UK.

One project being delivered in the city seeking to improve participation in the screening programmes for breast cancer and also bowel cancer and cervical cancer is Cancer Wise Leeds. The project is funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research, led by Leeds City Council and delivered in partnership with the Leeds Cancer Programme.

Supporting this aim over the three-year programme are six Screening and Awareness coordinators. Working within Primary Care Networks in communities across the city, the coordinators are working with communities to better understand how the screening process could be improved to meet their needs.


This post is based on a press release issued by Leeds Cancer Programme