Why Rush? at Holbeck’s historic Temple Works

Susan Williamson from Temple Works writes for South Leeds Life about an exciting  new project…

Why Rush? . . . Life is short but that’s no excuse. Why not spend some time on May 11-13 at Temple.Works.Leeds experiencing more than extraordinary performers doing what they are compelled to do instead? . . . Why DO they do it?

Temple Works, Holbeck

Pianos will be dropped – one a day! Horns will salute. Strings will reply. Crows will fly. Mice will pole dance. Clowns will scowl (virtually). The Taxidermist will howl. Girls will rock. Boys will roll. There’s Stone Age sex. A dancer in shrouds. The true and tragic story of a female Russian grave robber. Named bands. Unbelievably loud but inventive music, rising to a crescendo each night of three.

Workshops will be held for performance geeks. And you get to ask them all why they do what they do, and how they do it, over good fresh food, courtesy of Mr Peshwari, and great local  drink, helped by Leeds Brewery.

The tech will work, thanks to Production Light and Sound. And many thanks to the Arts Council and Lottery Fund.

A timetable will be published in advance, but be prepared for surprises. The shows will not happen all at the same time – you get to see them sequentially, in several spaces, and more than once.

So, Why Rush? That’s our question for you . . . Come and find out why – or why not – at Why Rush? Temple.Works.Leeds, May 11-13.

All pensioners, starving artists and students (15 and over) are particularly welcome. And come back soon for more wonderful work . . . including  a month of Jamie Reid’s life work: before, during and after the Sex Pistols . . .

Book your tickets here.

– Susan Williamson is a director at Temple.Works.Leeds