Who gives a C.R.A.P. for South Leeds?

South Leeds residents have set up a new scheme – called CRAP* South Leeds (*Conserving Resources Associating People) – to enable people across LS10 and LS11 to share unwanted items for reuse by others.

Based on well-established CRAP schemes across Leeds and the UK, the group centres around a Facebook group – with people able to offer or request any item that others might want or have. The organisers also hope that it might evolve into a place where people can borrow and lend items that they don’t need constantly.

The initiative is associated with like-minded local projects including the Big Bike Fix, and Digital Access South Leeds – who take donations of bicycles and IT kit respectively, refurbish them, and redistribute them back into the community.

The group has taken off at a rate of knots, with over 500 members joining in the first week, and scores of posts offering furniture, kids and baby items, books, homeware, amongst other items.

In other established CRAP groups, an incredible range of items are shared and reused: old wellies become bird boxes, pallets become furniture and grass cuttings become garden mulch for example. Some South Leeds members are also helping out by moving items for those without transport.

Community activist Ed Carlisle, who helped establish the group, said:

“Many thanks to all those who have dived in, and made this such a success so far. It’s another win-win scheme: people get to declutter, and others get good stuff for free. Together, we’re saving money, reducing waste, saving the planet, and building a stronger community.”

Credit also to Beth Bingley, Sharon Burke, Kay-Lee Asquith and Becky Kellett for prompting and co-leading this.

NOTE: during the Covid-19 pandemic, members are asked to take every precaution to stay safe, by sanitising hands and items (and quarantining them where possible), keeping their distance.


Photo: A ‘Free Shop’ held in Beeston in June 2019 (before the pandemic)