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As part of our short series on smoking, in conjunction with the Leeds NHS Stopping Smoking Service, here we feature some of the services on offer to help you quit the habit. Clinics are held in Middleton, Beeston Hill, Hunslet and Belle Isle …

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Did you know that 80% of adults in England don’t smoke?

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In the past year we’ve helped 2,540 people in Leeds to quit smoking. Why not come along and join them?!

We know that most people benefit from combining stop smoking medication to help with physical withdrawal from nicotine, with support that helps them recognise and tackle the habits and psychological factors behind their smoking. Using this approach means you’re 4 times more likely to be successful than if you try on your own.

What’s available?

We offer both daytime and evening “quit” sessions in venues in your local area. Options include:

  • One to one sessions
  • Drop in sessions
  • 7 week groups
  • A combination of face to face appointments and phone support for those who find it difficult to attend regularly due to other commitments
  • We can offer home visits to those who are housebound or pregnant

We also provide intensive support to pregnant woman and their families, people with mental health problems, young people and BME clients. We can arrange an interpreter if required.

What do the sessions involve?

  • Information about the different types of stop smoking treatments available and easy access to treatment on prescription.
  • Information and resources to help you to plan and prepare for your quit day and the following weeks and months
  • Advice and encouragement on dealing with triggers and coping with cravings whilst you stop smoking
  • Motivational techniques to help to keep you on track
  • Carbon monoxide testing before and after quitting

 How do I book an appointment?

It’s quick and easy to book your appointment with a stop smoking advisor. Simply:

Phone us on: 0800 169 4219

Text: SMOKEFREE to 60066

Email: stopsmokingleeds@nhs.net

Or visit our website to see a list of clinics in your area at: www.leedscommunityhealthcare.nhs.uk/smoking

  Frequently asked questions:

Q. Will I have to pay to come to the session?

A. No. The sessions are free of charge. If you pay for prescriptions then you will need to pay the prescription cost of your treatment but this is far cheaper than buying it yourself

Q. Do I have to stop smoking at the first session?

 A.   No. Most people stop 1 to 2 weeks after the first session.

Q. If I attend a group will I have to stand up in front of people and say how many I smoke?

A.   No. In fact you don’t have to say anything at all for the first couple of sessions if you don’t want to

Q. I’ve used the stop smoking service before. Can I use it again?

A.  You can use the service as often as you need to. Remember that most people make several attempts before they quit for good!

Q. I don’t want to bother with support, I just need the treatment. Why do I have to attend your sessions?

A.  The addiction to nicotine, which can be treated by using a stop smoking treatment, is usually much less of an issue than the psychological and habit side of smoking. We’re here to help you to recognise and tackle the situations and emotions that trigger your desire to smoke.

Our patient satisfaction survey showed that over 90% of respondents were very satisfied with the service they’d received as the following quotes show:

 ‘Very good and valuable service! Gave me a big help in quitting – now quit for 4 weeks’.

‘Always thought I would never go to one of these services but very impressed. To be recommended!’.

‘Great service and very helpful and supportive’.

‘Friendly, welcoming advisors. Plenty of time to discuss options and felt opinions were listened to’.

 We’re here for when willpower isn’t enough!

You can contact us on:

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