Friday’s MacMillan Coffee Mornings in Belle Isle


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Windmill Primary School. Macmillan Coffee Morning.

Lost my notes, so all this is from memory, oh dear!

DSCF1199Arrived at Windmill Primary School around about 9am, to see it packed out with mostly mothers who had dropped off their children at the school. Some small children present.

Was a non-uniform day for the children. Because of this, parents contributed 50p per child to the Macmillan funds. Thanks Julie for giving me extra information on the event.

Now I’m taking advantage of having a coffee and a scone, in aid of the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning as defined in the Guinness Book of Records.

This was to be the first one for me to visit today, and I ended up going to three in four days.

I met the teacher who planted the bulbs and shrubs as part of Belle Isle in Bloom last year and looking forward to doing the same this year.

Saw the Headteacher, Sally Sumpner, remember her when I cleaned the school carpets, must be 10 or 12 years ago.

I was going to buy a cake that was on offer to put into the next coffee morning at BITMO GATE. At £3 a bargain, but was too slow and a lady beat me to it. Lol.

DSCF1203A raffle was held, and  among the prizes were bottles of wine.

Later a small boy pushed a trolley of cakes and buns into classrooms, followed by a teacher or mum.

Bet they enjoyed eating them.

An amazing £454.00 was raised by the school for MacMillan Nurses on the day.


BITMO GATE MacMillan Coffee Morning

DSCF1204Made my way up to BITMO GATE for second coffee morning of the day.

Already a few people turning up about 20 minutes before start. Lovely spread of food, cakes and buns.

We helped ourselves to tea and coffee from the Kitchen and of course putting money in Macmillan money box.

John as always there playing acoustic guitar. Just loud enough has background music so everyone could talk.

He is to play Cavatina, just for me when he gets his music.

John has already played some Shadows hits on another event. Thank you John.

Quote from Belle Isle TMO. 

MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who helped donated and baked! Special thanks to Bev Walker for running the ‘Spot the Double Shot’ game, which Marcus from the Hunslet Club won!

DSCF1209Quote from, Belle Isle TMO.  Belle Isle TMO raised £43.64 for Macmillan this morning… HUGE thanks to everyone who came along, got involved and contributed to the event.

Quote from, Belle Isle TMO Special thanks to Bev Walker for running a cake competition and the ginger cake (not doing anything for the bikini bod!). Carla.

Quote from Ken, The MacMillan Nurses where involved in my Dad’s and Mum’s care in their last few months of their life, so I’m aware they do a fantastic job , and not a lot of people would do that.

The last of my coffee mornings was at the Police Open Day on Sunday. Another piece of cake and a coffee. I will be getting fat.

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  1. Holbeck Working Men’s Club had a coffee morning last Friday. What a great success, the club was full of residents and members. We had coffee which was donated from Starbucks, all sorts of cakes, a chocolate tombola and a raffle. What a fantastic time we all had we raised a staggering £760. A big thanks to all who helped on the day.

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