Voices – A showcase of new work created by youth theatres in Leeds

South Leeds Youth Theatre has been invited to perform at Leeds Carriage Works on 9th July, 7pm, writes youth theatre directors Sara Allkins and Michelle Cunningham.

We have been working very hard since January exploring ideas around the Olympics and being part the Cultural Olympiad.

On the very day the games are due to start, the impossible has happened! The torch is gone!!! But Who? Why? What? Teams of unlikely detectives come forward, some inspired by Chinese philosophy, some by TV detective series, some by Scooby Doo and others by Cluedo!

The race is on to see who can unmask the villain, or villains. Goodies are really Baddies, baddies become Goodies and Goodies Go bad.

Youth Theatre members, from South Leeds Youth Theatre and East Leeds Youth Theatre have come together to devise their own plot and counterplot, dialogue and diabolical plans!

The villains would have got away with it too, if it hadn’t have been for those meddling kids…….

If you would like tickets to see the show, please contact Carriage Works box office, 0113 224 3801, tickets are £5.

South Leeds Youth Theatre is based at New Bewerley Community School. We meet every Wednesday, term time only. Juniors 7-12yrs  – 4.30-6pm. Seniors 12-19yrs – 6-8pm. We play games, create our own performances and go on trips. We do not charge people to take part. If you would like more information, please contact Michelle – youththeatresleeds@yahoo.co.uk – or come and see a session on a Wednesday in term time.

A big thank you to Leeds City Council, Inner South Area Committee for funding the project.