Voice of Holbeck group discuss prostitution, bikes and allotment vandalism

Local issues including prostitution and vandalism in Holbeck were discussed at a Voice of Holbeck community meeting in Cleveleys Court.

West Yorkshire Police logoPCSO Nick Smith of Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team gave an update on the local policing priorities of prostitution around St Matthew’s Street and Pleasant Street and thefts, trespass and damages on the Shafton Lane allotments.

Residents were told work is continuing to deal with the prostitutes but the local priority at the allotment has now been closed.

PCSO Smith also told the group about the ongoing work by the police off-road motorcyclist to deal with nuisance bikes in the Holbeck area and he also gave an update about the deployment of the SID (Speed Indicating Device) on Domestic Street following residents’ concerns about speeding vehicles.

Residents were pleased to hear that Holbeck had been awarded a Silver Gilt award in the Yorkshire In Bloom competition.

The next meeting will be on Thursday 29 November.