Upgrading Trentham Park

Upgrade work on Trentham Pocket Park has begun, which will add new playground equipment for local children. I know how important a safe and clean environment is for young children to play in, and the improvements planned for the park have been long request of parents.

Work should be completed on site by the end of June and the new playground equipment will be a great addition. Cllr Nash, Cllr Wray and I were more than happy to agree to the funding for these upgrades.

The Friends of Trentham Park have done much to improve the planting and green spaces in the already; making it a more inviting place for local people. We are also planning to support the Friends and residents tackle the blight of dog-fouling with the employment of a new local Civic Enforcement Officer, whose duties will include making sure dog-fouling rules are followed.

This is only one of a range of greenspace and playground investments due over the next 12 months in Hunslet and Riverside Ward, with upgrades due to the greenspaces at Brickfields and Rowland Road Pocket Parks, Hunslet Moor, Church Street Playground, and funds allocated for future upgrades at Pepper Road and Hunslet Lake Parks.

We know your greenspaces and playgrounds matter to you, and we will keep looking always we can secure invest in them now and in the future.


This post was written by Cllr Mohammed Iqbal

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