Triple the Success for Hunslet Lads

Is it me? Am I getting old (stop shouting “YES!”).  I saw an article in the YEP last week (available at about Josh, Jordan and Lewis Tipple.  The Tipple triplets, now aged 16, have all enrolled at Leeds College of Building.  I remember (you know what’s coming…) when they were in primary school (Low Road Primary) and now they’ve left school and got themselves into education/training to become plumbers/carpenters!  Well done lads, I hope it all goes well at college, have a great time and learn loads. I’ve got a name for their company if they set up in business in years to come: The Triple Tipple Brothers…no?

With thanks to Leeds College of Building for the photograph and to Jordan Tipple for his permission to use the photograph – see here for the college’s article.