Transforming a Trentham binyard in Beeston

Here’s a picture of the Binyard project that ‘Friends of Trentham Park’ have been working on over the last year.

We were planting up some raised beds last week. A year ago this yard was full of old furniture and rubbish attracting rats and anti-social behaviour, and is now transformed into this beautiful space, funded by the Inner South Community Committee. It is hoped that the ‘Friends of ‘ group along with local residents can look after these beds and use the binyard as a good communal space.

Anyone who lives near the park who wants to be involved please do get in touch, by emailing:

We are also currently planning our summer programme which will include activity days in the park focussed on environmental activites and recycling information and will include in a hanging basket giveaway in June (watch this space for more details on dates). We are also partnering with Better Beeston to make this area a resident led ‘Litter Angel zone’ with local residents taking responsibility to keep the park litter free and then being entered into a cash prize draw as a reward – again please get in touch for more details and if you want to be a ‘Litter Angel’.

Thanks also to Abi the new worker from Our Future Beeston who is supporting us these activities at Trentham Park.


This post was written by Tania Carlisle

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2 Replies to “Transforming a Trentham binyard in Beeston”

  1. Hopefully this Binyard project can be done in other neglected bin yard places, great to see the old bin yards been improved

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