Tragedy as two swans shot in Middleton Park

Two swans who have made their home on the lake in Middleton Park over recent years were found shot today (30 November 2023). The male died at the site, but the female has survived and is being cared for by Yorkshire Swan Rescue.

In a statement, West yorkshire Police said:

“Police received a report earlier today that two swans had been shot in Middleton Park, Leeds. The report was received at 11:58am this morning.

“One of the swans has sadly died while the other has been taken to a sanctuary. Criminal offences have been recorded and officers from Leeds South Neighbourhood Policing Team are investigating the matter.

“Anyone with information about the incident is asked to contact West Yorkshire Police by calling 101 or go online at quoting reference 0629 of 30/11.

“Alternatively, call independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

Alan Shaw, Chair of the Friends of Middleton Park, said on Facebook:

“The Friends are absolutely devastated. Personally I can’t understand why and how anyone could have done this.

“Surely someone will know something … And that person should know that swans are protected birds so you can expect a hefty penalty when you are caught. And that person should also know that those swans were loved and the community is rightly very angry and upset. Come on someone, do the right thing and tell the police what you know. Very happy for people to message us and we’ll pass it on anonymously if that helps.”


Photo: Charlie N


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17 Replies to “Tragedy as two swans shot in Middleton Park”

  1. The person who pulled the trigger, should be fined heavily and given 300 hours community service cleaning bird muck up in old builders or City centre cleaning all the statues up.
    And wearing orange boiler suits like they do in America.

  2. As far as I know Swans are supposed to be protected by Royal Charter so killing one is tantamount to treason. I would not like to be the villain if or when he is caught.

    1. The Crown has the rights to own all the swans in the country but only exercises the right as far as those on the Thames and its tributaries. Until 1998 when the law was changed, it was technically treason to kill a swan on those waters. For all other swans in the UK, they are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 and so a hefty fine and a possible jail sentence awaits the cretin that did this.

  3. What type of person decided to shoot and kill these beautiful swans???? Have seen this evening in Calendar news that sadly the female swan has died-shot SIX times and the male swan died after one shot , this person has no respect for wildlife and the enjoyment that these swans brought to visitors to the park I really hope someone knows who is responsible and notifies the police

  4. There’s cctv in the park and directly at the pond too! Evil scum. I hope that they and anyone who is hiding information/knowledge of this terrible act gets what they deserve

  5. I really hope the evil people who did this are caught and punished with long jail sentences. Shame on them! They must have something wrong in their tiny brains.

  6. I’m part of a care team that works for Leeds city council and we take our elderly ladies to the park especially in the summer and they love to sit by the pond and watch these magnificent animals they will be so upset not to see them again so the person or persons who did this awful thing needs locking up and the key thrown away in my opinion it’s disgusting and this is our next generation coming along oh my goodness this country needs as much help as it can get do hope they get the scum bag/ bags

  7. Iv not long moved here,,and after having a knee operation iv found the perfect place to walk to assist in my recuperation,,the park is a Such lovely place, being embraced by all ages,,i rest up on one of many benches there,iv enjoyed watching the abundance of wildlife there,,So its come as a shock to hear that the Two Swans have been killed by some un educated moron,,why would anyone kill two majestic animals that give so much pleasure to all ages,,Iv watched families with young children spending quality time feeding the swans,the children laughing as the swans submerge there heads in the lake ,,I hope you get what you deserve, and nothing but jail would suffice,,Who in there right mind would fire a firearm in a park,knowing children and others are walking around the lake and grounds,,,As iv said,i hope you get all you deserve ,,Hopefully the magistrates you go before send you to crown court,,So the sentence you receive fits the crime,,

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