The Future’s Bright for southleedslife

I’ve just googled ‘southleedslife’ and we’ve got 543 search results already and the blog has only been up and running since 30 November 2010.  To date we’ve had over 2,850 hits on the website with ‘current’ average of over 50 hits a day and growing. 

And the word is spreading – southleedslife is being mentioned on numerous websites and blogs with two of the most recent ‘mentions’ coming from: – John Baron regularly links our articles to his daily blog

and – Debs Davies recently wrote an article for the Leeds Guide’s feature on ‘The Town in Which I Live’ – please note this wasn’t posted 1 January 2000 as shown in the article – it was February 2011.

If you got something about south Leeds you’d like to share, please email us at  Remember, you can always post a comment against an article posted, we’re always interested to hear what you have to say.