The empty chair …

For many of us there is an empty chair in our living room, an unfilled place at our table.

Over the last 20 months many people have died, and often we’ve not been able to mark their death in the usual way.
You may not have been able to go to a funeral, and in some cases they may not have been able to have one at all. It has been hard.

This time of year in the churches we often have remembering services, where we invite the families and friends of those who have died to come together to remember them, and to share our grief.

This year it seems more important than ever to do that. And there may be a lot of people this year who would like to remember someone.

In Beeston, St Andrew’s and St. Mary’s have arranged two services, one in each church, which we’d like to invite you to.

We will sing a couple of well-known hymns, say some prayers, use some familiar words from the funeral service, and we will light a candle for each person we’re remembering as we read out their name.

If you’d like your loved one to be included please get in touch. If we have more people than we have space we’ll arrange more services.

If you’re not from Beeston or you’re part of another faith community, ask them if they are doing something like this – we know many are thinking about it.

And if there are people who’d like a non-religious gathering, I’m sure that could be arranged too.

The services are:

  • Thursday 4 November, 1.30pm, St Andrew’s, Old Lane, Beeston; and
  • Sunday 7 November, 2pm, St Mary’s, Town Street, Beeston.

To book a space please contact: @ St. Andrew’s: Elizabeth Smith 07854 741100 or @ St. Mary’s: Ian Waterhouse 07729 905682


This post was written by Rev Lindsey Pearson

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