Sheltered Services Vintage Tea Party

Bitmo gate tea party (5)Arrived at BITMO GATE around 2pm and The GATE was already packed for the Sheltered Services Vintage Tea Party. Led by Joanne Earnshaw and her team

I know about 50 RSVP was returned, but I guess more like 70 turned up, plus of course BITMO staff. The Union Jack bunting was out.

Again Carla, Joanne and staff have come up with a brilliant idea to get the centre buzzing, and all for free.

This has got to be the busiest resource centre in Leeds.

Something is happening every week day, at The GATE and sometimes on a Saturday or on a Sunday.

All the best Royal Doulton China was out and lovely sandwiches to go with the many cups of tea or coffee. Even had crusts taken off the sandwiches. For those older than me, this may have been an advantage.

The cakes were made by Paula (who is not well at the moment) so well done to Paula. The Black Forest buns I remember from the Belle Isle Gala.

Went and sat with Madge. Some of you know Madge (who I’ve known since moving to sheltered housing in Belle Isle).

I recognise a few faces, but can’t put a name to them all.Bitmo gate tea party (10)

Brian and Ann from Broom Nook. Darren and Ann Wardens, helping out with Pat.

Pat is another helper that makes and gives out meals for the Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust.

Said hello to Christine and Jean (BITMO board members) at least Christine tells me she is, don’t know if Jean has retired from Board.

Christine tells new members are required before AGM in September. The Board are particularly looking for new young members, so in that case I may get voted in! Also sat on our table, Kim Groves.

Had a chat with Lynne and Carla. Both as busy as ever.

We had a lovely singer called Tony Pistachio, the name I kid you not. I remember every one of the songs he sang from the 50s and 60s.

Well that was it for me, been to a meeting earlier in the day at The GATE (think I will bring my bed) and after the Tea Party went along to the Memory Café in Hunslet, Parnaby Bitmo gate tea party (12)Pals, to see more friends, before calling it a day and started to write this up, and sort photos.

Please look out for a slide show later today or tomorrow, to be added to this blog.

All photos are (c).

Here’s to the next time.