The BITMO GATE Mischief Afternoon

Mischief at THE GATE (2)Arrived a little bit late from the BITMO GATE Walk, after walking along the Canal near Thwaite Mills. To be greeted by the three witches of Eastwick, for the sheltered housing mischief afternoon.

The afternoon was run by Joanne Earnshaw and her sheltered housing team on Wednesday 4 November 2015. Would guess around 60 to 70 sheltered housing residents, looking forward to the afternoon’s entertainment.


Tony Pistachio (yes, I’m told correct name) to sing some 50s and 60s classics and Jonathon on the Disco decks with more favourite songs from the era. The meeting room at BITMO GATE was nicely decorated out with Halloween decorations.

Nice see the BITMO and BITMO GATE staff, serving along with sheltered housing Wardens.

Quite a few people I recognized sat at the tables.  Forget some of their names. Staff kept topping us all up with tea and coffee, and was offered a scone.Mischief at THE GATE (19)

JC on the decks said that there was a very famous person due to arrive and went on to give an impression of Bruce Forsyth singing “Good game, good game” before the game of bingo. Don’t give up your day job JC. Lol

Not liking Bingo that much, decided to make my way to my third event of the day the Parnaby Pals Memory Café at the Parnaby Tavern.

Mischief at THE GATE (20)

On this occasion decided to let the slide show of the event do most of the talking. Please see the slide show top of the blog.