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East Grange Road. End of my street, East Grange Garth. is on the right. Cemetery and Allotments to the left. Was the Street Lamp, Gas?
Welcome to The Belle Isle History Group. The Group was set up by Julie Holmes, (Volunteer at BITMO’s GATE) with the support of Lynne Spirrett.

Belle Isle Local History Group is about learning and gathering information about Belle Isle from before the estate was built to now.

Below are some questions asked by Julie about your experiences of growing up and living in Belle Isle. Please add your comments to the History Group Facebook and web address. Details of these at the bottom of this Blog.

We need some stories about growing up in Belle Isle. What do you remember?? Where you an 80s child or earlier??

Me on my Mums Knee, Dad at the back of Photo. No idea who the Girls are. Belle isle, against the Cemetery wall. Year about 1950.

If any stories or photos that are put onto the Facebook site are re-used in any other way, we will only add your first name to it. If you want your full name using then when you make a post, please either leave a comment or private message. Thank you.

Has anyone any stories about Lanshaw Crescent Children’s Home?

Who knows of a family member that knows of or witnessed the accident around Middleton Park Clearings in June 1933?

A Handley Page Airliner was taking part in an Air Show in Middleton when it dropped a few feet due to a downdraught and two boys, who were watching, were killed as a result.

Even though it happened around the clearings it was quite near to the Belle Isle Village.

Jan22_2 (2)
Harold Hobson Hunslet Carr Teacher. My Dad on right. Belle Isle in 60s. Dad could make anything. He made this Dalek. (Dr Who) and went to Children’s shows with it.

Who has a story about growing up in Belle Isle? What was it like for you? What about the schools, which ones did you attend?

Mavis Penketh nee Holmes says,

“I attended Belle Isle Infants School. My first teacher was called Mrs Nixon, she also was a dance teacher after school Ballet and Tap, then Belle Isle Junior School, till 10yrs then girls and boys separated. I attended Hunslet Carr Girls secondary modern school. Left school at 15 yrs. 1955 Infants school -1965 Hunslet Carr.”

Did your Grandma tell you any stories or memories about growing up in Belle Isle? Why not share them on our Facebook page or web page. Any memories or stories shared in this group may be used on other media and publications.

Mum East Grange Garth, Belle Isle
Mum outside 2, East Grange Garth, Belle Isle . Seeing as I took the photo, when I was about 10 years old. Must be early 70s.

Does anybody have any old photos of Belle Isle? Please share them on our Facebook and Web pages below.

Please note all Photos are (c) copyright. You cannot use these without permission.

All the questions are asked by Julie Holmes. (Leader of the Belle Isle History Group).

You can also leave your comments for Julie in the comments box below.



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