Tempest Road crossing to be moved

Further to our report that a zebra crossing is to installed on Tempest Road, South Leeds Life understands that Councillors intervened to move the crossing to a more appropriate site close to the Hamara Centre.

Cllr Mohammed Iqbal told South Leeds life that he felt officers had got it wrong when they proposed the Hardy Street site.

“Speeding traffic on Tempest Road is a real problem. It is in a 20 mph zone, but the only signs are at the junctions with Dewsbury Road and Beeston Road. These are busy junctions and many drivers don’t see the 20 mph sign.

“I have got agreement for more 20 signs to be fitted to lampposts along Tempest Road and for 20 mph roundels to be painted on the road surface to remind drivers of the speed limit. We know these measures won’t stop those that are determined to drive too fast, but they will help bring down the average speed of traffic on this busy road.”

“The junction with Maud Avenue is very busy for pedestrians. People are going to the shops, the Hamara Centre, Building Blocks nursery; Park View Primary school is just around the corner and it’s a main route to and from Cross Flatts Park. Officers have agreed to site the zebra crossing at this junction.”

Work on the crossing is likely to be completed within 2-3 months.


3 Replies to “Tempest Road crossing to be moved”

  1. Great news – local people’s persistence has paid off. And great to see Mohammed Iqbal singing the same tune. His words almost exactly echo the email I sent to Highways about this: a happy coincidence, no doubt!

  2. 20 new signs to slow idiots from speeding,,put a speed camara on tempest road,if local divs get caught,all good and well,caught more than twice,take the license off them,that if there have one,

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