Tell us about your group to win a grant

South Leeds Life has partnered with St Luke’s CARES to support their new Community Awards grant scheme.

Jackson Turner, St Luke’s CARES Manager and Jeremy Morton, editor of South Leeds Life outside the Dewsbury Road shop

Three groups will win a cash grant, but every group that enters will get some free publicity. We wanted to simplify the application process and make sure everyone is a winner. So all you have to do is write a short article about your group and EVERY application will be published online here at

In the next stage we will send a reporter to write an article about the shortlisted projects which will be published in the newspaper. Finally, customers at St Luke’s CARES’ Dewsbury Road shop will vote for the winners.

So don’t leave it to the last moment, start gathering your thoughts, think how you could spend your grant and get writing your article now!

Writing tips

Writing an article is about telling a story. Don’t worry about your writing skills, just tell your story!

Remember to answer the three questions:

  1. Tell us about the project you are nominating
  2. Tell us what work it does in the local community
  3. Tell us about how it would spend the cash!

Remember the 5 W’s (and 1 H):

  • Who? Who are the people in the group? Who are you helping?
  • What? What is the project? What will you do with the grant?
  • Where? Where does you group work?
  • When? When did the group start? When do your activities take place?
  • Why? Why is your projects needed?
  • How? How does your group help people?


  • Keep to the 500 word limit, but don’t worry if you can tell your story in fewer words.
  • Include a photo or two showing what your group does, or the issue you want to address.
  • You can upload your article straight to the website via the Create an article for South Leeds Life page, or email it to:
  • It’s often easier to write your article in a Word document and then cut and paste the finished article
  • The closing date is Wednesday 28 February 2018 (5pm).

The first articles are already arriving at South Leeds Towers and we will start publishing them from tomorrow (Monday 8 January 2018).