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2015 South Leeds Council election results

After an surprising General Election nationally last night, South Leeds returned predictable results in the local election with Labour holding onto all three seats in South Leeds. Adam Ogilvie was returned in Beeston & Holbeck, Patrick Davey in City & Hunslet and Judith Blake in Middleton Park. The full results

Parkrun’s second Birthday is NOT Rubbish!

Cross Flatts Parkrun celebrated its second anniversary on Saturday (28 March 2015). The plan had been for a number of gazebos to be erected to host the post run€ celebrations. Unfortunately, the exaggerated weather reports of a tornado heading towards Beeston meant the tents didn’€™t make it out of Ed

Cross Flatts Parkrun’s celebrates centenary

Trumpeter Emil Andrews played the theme tune from BBC’s athletics coverage as 103 runners set off on the 100th Parkrun event in Cross Flatts Park Beeston on Saturday (14 March 2015). Cross Flatts Parkrun is a weekly free, measured, timed 5km run or walk, held every Saturday at 9am. It

‘Missing’ Councillors poster maker revealed

Back in November we reported that posters, claiming that the City & Hunslet Councillors were “Missing”, had been stuck up overnight across Beeston Hill, and Hunslet. Beeston resident Ed Carlisle is today announcing that he was behind the posters and is standing against Patrick Davey in the May elections. Ed

Community rallies to support Iraqi refugees

Bruce Davies writes: In the darkness of a British January the thoughts of many are beginning to turn towards spring; lengthening days, clement weather and the notions of hope and well being that accompany this. For Chris and Lydia Mitton reports of the deepening crisis of displaced Iraqis and Syrians