‘Missing’ Councillors poster maker revealed

Wanted copyBack in November we reported that posters, claiming that the City & Hunslet Councillors were “Missing”, had been stuck up overnight across Beeston Hill, and Hunslet.

Beeston resident Ed Carlisle is today announcing that he was behind the posters and is standing against Patrick Davey in the May elections. Ed will be standing for the Green Party, but says he wasn’t a member when he produced the poster.

On his website, Ed says:

“I did it because I’m totally fed up with our out-of-touch councillors, and wanted to get people talking about the poor state of local politics in our community.”

“When I did the posters, I was just a fed-up citizen taking action. I had no organisation behind me, wasn’t the member of any political party, and wasn’t planning to stand in the election. But when I saw the response, and got talking to people, it felt like I needed to act – and so I find myself here, working to get elected.”

Ed’s community activities including writing for South Leeds Life, and he is on our committee. It’s perhaps slightly embarrassing that we didn’t know he was behind the posters, but he chose to remain anonymous at the time.

South Leeds Life has always stated that we do not support any political party. We still don’t and we are not supporting Ed’s candidacy. We encourage readers to vote and we give a platform for all candidates to say who they are and what they stand for on an equal footing.

On behalf of the committee I would like to make it clear that Ed has stood down as Chair for the duration of the election campaign and we are monitoring his articles to ensure we don’t breech our own rules about political neutrality.

Those posters in full:


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  1. I am with South Leeds Life on this one – the more political engagement the better. Let’s hope for a really high turnout, really high political engagement leading to a greater level of accountability for politics as a whole. Well done Ed for stirring it up!

    Wouldn’t it be great if this leads to more local people with a passion for their community engaging with local politics and believing they can make a difference whether its forming a residents group, community group or standing for election!

  2. I think it is fantastic news. I have posted previously outlining my position that it is fundamental for councillors to live in the ward they represent – indeed it is surely impossible to truly be representative of a community if you don’t live in the area. Ed will share our need to see certain changes in the city and hunslet ward and I’m convinced will work hard to these things happen. Well done!

  3. Finally local politics is feeling exciting, and way more relevant. I agree with all of the comments above – Ed, living in our community, can truly represent it. Well done Ed for seeking to give the community a voice. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  4. Nice to see someone with a genuine passion for where they live taking part in the elections. A bold move putting the posters up – and a great move! It’s refreshing to have the chance to vote for someone who actually lives in the area and is seeking to make real change.

  5. I dont understand Ed,s choice of going as a Green councillor when he is publicly promoting the Ice Pak development in his role as a member of the steering committee for the Aspiring Communities project . Sorry but I cant get my head around this because I cant see the Green Party promoting more pollution and traffic in a residential area .

    1. I had a look at his manifesto at http://www.edleeds.org/?cat=14 and it includes plenty of green-looking (and sensible looking) things: rerouting Leeds’s proposed trolleybus around residential streets in the Whitfields, promoting better cycle-routes, and green spaces and edible gardens.

      I hadn’t heard about this Ice Pak development (I live a bit nearer town) so thanks for the heads up–I read the report at http://www.sllife.leeds11.com/angry-meeting-debates-aspiring-communities-plans-ice-pak-site/. I must admit that turning an old factory into a community centre looks like a pretty cool idea to me. And having facilities like this in the midst of residential areas might mean that people are more likely to be able to walk/cycle to them?

      1. Haha I love it Alaric .Maybe we can get rid of the 180 car spaces so the bikes can get in .

        1. Just did a bit of research Alaric and noticed you and Ed are friends on facebook . Good effort though mate for promoting this joke of a planning application

          1. Hi Sean,

            Thanks for your interest in all this. I don’t think we’ve ever met, but I’d love to grab a cuppa or a pint with you sometime if you fancy. In the meantime, here are just a few quick comments…

            Yes, Alaric and I are mates – I don’t think that’s a secret! And I don’t get the impression he was/is promoting the Ice Pak / Aspiring Communities scheme – I think he’s just come across it for the first time, and is commenting / asking questions about it.

            About the scheme itself, it’d be great to discuss it face-to-face, if you want: it’s already been discussed at length here on SLL. But more than anything else, I just think it’s a real shame the way in which the whole situation has ended up like this.

            I’ve been really impressed over the years with the AC folk: they’ve whole-heartedly supported a lot of local projects, events, etc. I think their intentions with the Ice Pak project are good.

            BUT I also totally understand why it’s a very delicate local issue (as major developments often are), and I think it’s absolutely right and good that a full local debate is being had – even or especially if that’s difficult.

            Finally, I’d add that I’m conscious that I live on the other side of the park from the development, in Beeston Hill, and that I therefore have a more limited right to contribute to the debate.

            Thanks again Sean, hopefully speak or meet sometime. Yours, Ed

  6. Such a large development, in a relatively combined space, is always going to create unrest amongst local people, especially in an area where the planning authorities have basically done whatever they wanted, and completely ignored public opinion on many developments for as long as I can remember, and a feeling that their local councillors are disengaged from what is going on and unwilling (perhaps unable as a result of party guidelines) to offer assistance.

    The latter part of that paragraph is probably why Ed decided start campaigning, and why many other people with views across the political spectrum have said ‘enough is enough’ and decided to take a stand.

    I think the mood in respect of this particular application was blackened when a charming lady who I’ve never seen before or since decided to accuse a large % of the the community of being racist, as a first resort, with the aim of stifling debate on the grounds that people quite legitimately don’t like being branded as such.

    One thing I have noticed on my travels in recent weeks is that the Labour group are actually being seen out leafleting and canvassing, talking to people and claiming to be listening.

    Must be some important event coming up. No idea what it is, or when….

    1. Hi Ed , Im sure you would make a great councillor for your part of Leeds . The councillors who represent your constituency are pretty much a joke but my concern is that my part of Beeston where you are on a steering committee promoting a £6,000,000 project have 2000 plus objectors to this community centre that hasn’t a community area .

      Everything about this project is a joke . They don’t care about local peoples feelings and concerns .

      Why should you promote something in an area that has nothing to do with you .

      Why ask Ukip not to put a candidate up in your constituency

      How can you stand as a “Green” when your promoting this planning application where 2000 people have objected on health and well being issues .

      Not fussed for a tea or beer but thanks for the invite

      1. Hi Sean, sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you. And many thanks for your encouragement with my plans to help create change in City and Hunslet – really appreciate it.

        About Ice Pak… As I said, I’ve known the local Aspiring Communities guys for several years (they live near me in Beeston Hill). They’ve volunteered on quite a few projects and events I’ve been part of in my experience I’ve always found them to be really generous and good-hearted folk and I believe their intentions are good with the Ice Pak project. They asked me for my input on the project ages ago, long before any of the discord emerged – and I was very happy to oblige.

        I’d add that 10+ years ago, I lived just round the corner from Ice Pak, on Theodore Street – and over the course of the years living there, heard local people repeatedly say that they wished there were more community facilities in that area. When I heard about this scheme, it crossed my mind that it might be appreciated in the neighbourhood there…

        But once again, I just think it’s a real shame that it’s unfolded as it has done. I can (I think) see where those who disagree with the scheme are coming from – and I just feel saddened that the different views seem very hard to reconcile at the moment.

        I’d add again that I’ve been conscious not to publicly promote the project myself – because I’m aware that it’s not really my patch. I’ve continued to give my pennurth to the local Aspiring Communities guys – because I think they’re good people, and I hoped the project and the process towards it could be a positive one. (Ever the optimist…) I’ve also encouraged people I know in the immediate area there to engage with the scheme, and make their own minds up. (Between them, they’ve come to a range of conclusions about it.)

        RE my position on planning issues like this, as a council election candidate… I certainly don’t have an official position on this scheme, because it’s not my ward. But I am supporting two groups of residents in City and Hunslet who are – absolutely rightly, I think – campaigning against thoughtless planning proposals that will have a negative impact on the well-being of their communities.

        Indeed, all of this is complex: no issue is fully black or white. And I’m a passionate advocate for community action and debate – ie people standing up, getting involved, having opinions (including strong ones!), then hopefully having good robust discussion. I don’t actually think there’s enough of that in our society nowadays.

        But it’s a shame that the process around this proposed scheme hasn’t been very positive, and I wonder what we can learn from that. Up in north Leeds (on the Lingfield estate in Moortown), there’s been a very similar situation, which at one point was really explosive – but the different parties there have somehow found themselves able to talk and start to find a way forward. I think they’ve still got a long way to go, but it’s tentatively positive. Good on them.

        Anyway, enough from me. Sean, I hope we’ll bump into one another at some point – and we could talk about this, or summat completely different! Thanks again for your comments, and take care.

  7. After reading your latest post Ed its seems you are one of the most mixed up people ive ever encountered.

    You state that 10 + years ago you lived on the icepak side of the park and that you overheard people wishing for more community facilites.
    That is probably still the case , but when does a mosque meet our community needs ?
    You may swallow the bullshit from aspiring, but the only way they ever had a chance to get this sham through planning was to add “Community Center ” to the planning proposals.
    This development isnt and never was designed to be used by us infidels ,come on Ed take of your leftie, multi culti, titnted glasses off and wake up please.

    Later in your post you stated:
    But I am supporting two groups of residents in City and Hunslet who are – absolutely rightly, I think – campaigning against thoughtless planning proposals that will have a negative impact on the well-being of their communities.

    Why are you not against the mosque plans then? ..surely there is nothing more with a negative impact than that ? What makes you think that we want our area to resemble the other side of the park?

    you really want to decide which side of the fence you are sitting on Ed

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