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Beeston poem “V” to be aired on Radio 4 today

As previously reported on South Leeds Life, BBC Radio 4 has made a documentary about the controversial poem “V”. V was written by Leeds-born poet Tony Harrison in response to a visit to his parents’ grave in Holbeck Cemetery in 1984. He found gravestones spray painted with four-letter words. The

South Leeds Roundup: Poets, lace, hats and coal

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites and blogs. The Friends of Holbeck Cemetery report on a visit from poet and writer Blake Morrison who was making a programme about Tony Harrison’s poem V for BBC Radio 4. Cottingley TRAC’s Facebook page includes a

South of the River – Education for education’s sake

What have crystallography and a community reporters course got in common, apart from taking place in Leeds? Let me explain. The science of crystallography uses x-rays to look at the structure of materials, how the atoms link together. It was first used with crystals but now can look at any