Tackling anti-social behaviour in Holbeck cemetery

Holbeck cemetery is set to undergo a series of security improvements in an attempt to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area.

Local residents have been working with Councillors to identify measures to help reduce anti-social behaviour, successfully negotiating new closing times at the cemetery. This will see the gates locked between dusk and dawn. Alongside this, further improvements will be made to the gates themselves to make them more secure.

Beeston & Holbeck ward Councillors Angela Gabriel, Adam Ogilvie and David Congreve have expressed their delight at the prospect of these improvements, whilst also reaffirming their commitment to ensuring safety to all residents in the community.

Councillor Angela Gabriel said:

“All residents have the right to feel safe in their local communities. My ward colleagues and I are delighted with the impending security improvements at Holbeck cemetery. It is a place of respect that means a great amount to our residents. We are confident that these steps will go a long way in reducing incidents of anti-social behaviour in the area.”