SweetMud at Beeston Basement Arts Project

Beeston Basement Arts
Bruce and Debs of Beeston Basement Arts Project - probably the smallest arts space in Leeds, in the basement of a Beeston terrace house

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you all to a performance of ‘SweetMud’ by Sara Zaltash on Sunday 2nd October between 4pm & 5pm. Tea, coffee and cake will be available
This will be the Closing Event for the ‘SPEAKEASY: art in age of prohibition’ exhibition which will be running on Sat 1st October & Sun 2nd October between 12pm & 5pm.
Sara Zaltash is a British-born Iranian girl who describes her submission for SPEAKEASY as ‘a durational solo performance that sweeps sensual motifs of prohibition against fragmented songs of freedom’ by harvesting evocative personal moments from her experiences as one who lost and found herself in rock & roll dreams
‘Sweetmud’ has been developed as part of an ongoing song-based performance art practice, and will be performed by Sara. It explores the internalization of prohibition, the exhilarations of transgression that mimic freedom and a longing for identity and identification that is trapped between these two
Other exhibitors at the Speakeasy include
Alice Bradshaw
Kimbal Quist Bumstead
Matt Merrick
Jean McEwan
Holly Mulveen
Andrew Nizinskyj
Tom Railton
Robert Sharples
Carolyn Shepherd
Wendy Williams

Information on all of these artists and BasementArtsProject can be found at
Find attached a photograph from the opening night event of David Broughton performing as part of Tom Railton’s work for the Speakeasy project
If you have never visited Basement Arts Project before please contact me at basementartsproject@gmail.com and I shall send you our address and directions
Bruce and Debs