St Luke’s church has a new look

You may have noticed a few changes around St Luke’s Church but did you know there’s a lot that’s happened on the inside too? After a few understandable delays the church is finally finished and is set to be transformative for the people of Beeston Hill and Holbeck! Now the fences have come down let’s have a quick look what is inside.

As you can see from the pictures, the work has been sensitive to the listed nature of the building while opening up new spaces and opportunities for all who enter the building. There is now a first floor which overlooks the main church. If you have attended the church previously it will be strange to see the space from such an angle while at the same time being a very moving perspective.

The new immaculate kitchen is fully modernised but with hints of the old building and the walls still showing through tastefully.

St Luke’s are looking for projects and charities to partner with them in the local community. If you would like to hear more contact them at