Spring into online shopping at BITMO’s GATE


My main hobbies are eating and saving money … a bit sad I know but there you are! So when Carla asked me to set up an event for Spring Online week I immediately thought about my two great loves!

BITMO's GATE logoSpring Online week runs from Monday 31 March to Friday 4 April and is a national initiative to get as many people online as possible. So whilst scratching my head and of course rubbing my belly over what I should do to get people online I thought … Online food shopping!! With food prices at an all-time high and wages at an all-time low what better time to scrutinise the shelves of those big name superstores and the best bit about it; it can all be done from the comfort of your home, or BITMOs GATE!

Although the cost of living is going up whilst wages rise at a sluggish rate (so they say) my stomach and my need to eat isn’t going anywhere! The rumbling stomach and hunger pangs are something Jack Monroe felt all too well when she decided to publish her Budget Busting recipes online … at first I was sceptical of her 59p meals imagining a ‘Bubble and Squeak’ scenario … that beige colouring, that mushy texture and that ominous smell of reheated veg. But I was pleasantly surprised by her posh nosh cuisine!

So for Spring Online week we will be giving you a recipe pack filled with Jack Monroe’s budget banquets and some of mine and Carla’s … um ‘experiments’, as well as helping you to food shop online!

But we imagine that the people of Belle Isle and South Leeds must have some cracking recipes of their own and would love everyone to take to Facebook and begin sharing these with us, just search Belle Isle TMO to get started! Or, if you’d like to share your culinary experiments and guide people on how to step away from the microwave and become more adventurous in the kitchen why not start your own food blog! They’re so easy to do and we can show you all this at BITMOs GATE!

We look forward to seeing you.

BITMO Food shop online poster

This article was written by Jess Dewhurst using our Community Reporters website