Special South Leeds Life November Night Out!


South Leeds Life Group May13Got thoughts about what stories you’d like South Leeds Life to cover?  Want to get know more about what South Leeds Life is about?  Interested in how you or your organisation can become a Friend of South Leeds Life?  Well there’s a chance this Wednesday (13 November 2013).

At 6.30pm the South Leeds Life Group is meeting at South Leeds Community Radio’s offices, (6A Ashbrooke Park, Parkside Lane, Beeston, LS11 5SF Directions to SLCR) to agree a new Chair, discuss a visit to Brixton Blog, see how much money we have and how many readers we’ve got!

At around 8.00pm we’re off to the Tommy Wass (corner of Dewsbury Road and Old Lane, LS11 7LJ) to have informal discussions about:

  • how we can improve what we’re doing at South Leeds Life
  • what would be good stories to follow up
  • how we can get more people involved and
  • to enjoy ourselves!!

You’d be very welcome at either or both of these events – we ‘re a friendly bunch and we look forward to seeing you!

3 Replies to “Special South Leeds Life November Night Out!”

  1. Hi I am currently volunteering with a charity called Vinspired. The particular team I am working with is called Team v. I am recruiting and holding events within South Leeds, hoping to make the area a better place. I wondered if it would be possible to get a bit about the work I am doing published on this site? Would it be a good idea to come along to this event?
    Many Thanks

  2. Will be there Steven for the Tommy Wass meeting/Social. Have let Jeremy know..

    Already there at South Leeds Community Radio at 2.30pm for Radio producers course. Too bigger gap for me to attend the meeting at slcr for sll. So could you please give my apologies. Thank you.

    Could you please send me minutes please. Did not attend last meeting , while I was in hospital, so copy of minutes would be appreciated after Wednesday

    Bit surprised timing of South Leeds Life Meeting times keep getting altered. Was 10am, then 2pm. Now 6.30pm. Can we go back to 10am please?

  3. Hayley

    You’d be most welcome to the meeting or the event in the pub where we will be discussing future articles and there will be an opportunity to meet like minded people who want to help make south Leeds a better place.


    I understand your difficulty. We have deliberately moved the meeting round to different times because what ever time we choose is certain not to suit someone and we want to offer everyone the chance to attend. If we have the meeting always during the usual working day (9.00am to 5.00pm) then it makes it impossible for most people with office hours jobs to attend.

    I will circulating the agenda for Wednesday’s meeting and the minutes of the last meeting later this evening to group attendees so I will make sure you get a set.

    I look forward to seeing you at the pub on Wednesday.

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