Speakeasy Course at BITMOs Gate (tomorrow)

Children can ask some awkward questions and trying to answer them can be tricky…When is the right time? How much should I tell them? Do they really need to know?

If you’re a mum, dad or carer and would like to feel more confident to be able to talk to your children about growing up, body changes, relationships and sex, then Speakeasy could be the course for you.

Speakeasy is a relaxed, fun course where parents learn from each other’s experiences. The course takes 2 hours per week, for 9 weeks excluding school holidays. The course will begin with a coffee morning to meet the facilitators and discuss the course content.

If you’re interested in taking part please contact Sophie Carroll on 07703 567487 or Jo Walker on 07703 567492.

The course starts on Thursday 1 March 09.30-12.00 at BITMOs GATE, Aberfield Gate, Belle Isle, LS10 3QH