South Leeds Youth Theatre at the Playhouse

The place where I live isn’t physically bound

It’s the place where the love and the laughter is found

South Leeds Youth Theatre had an exciting end of term by performing at West Yorkshire Playhouse in their original play called “Stand in the place where you live“. Michelle Cunningham explains:

“We had 350 people in the audience so it was a real buzz. We rehearsed from January until the performance on 14th July exploring our thoughts and feelings about what our play title means. Our piece explores what its like to live in South Leeds; things we see, hear and do: more importantly we explore how all our own experiences create the place we live. We used personal stories, sounds and images as our inspiration and worked with the young people.”

South Leeds Youth Theatre meets every Wednesday (during term time) at New Bewerley Community School, Bismark Drive, Beeston. 7- 12yrs meet 4.30-6pm + 12-19yrs meet 6-8pm. We are free provision and all groups are run by professional theatre makers. We go on trips such as the theatre, ice skating, rock climbing, cinema and bowling. If you would like further info please contact Michelle or Sara on  0780 709 1835 or email