South Leeds Roundup: Cranes, Cafés and Cabbages


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

Old Chapel craneWho doesn’t like a crane? We start this week with a photo from Old Chapel Studios who have one on site today to help with their building works.

Local blogger John Cockburn suggests a couple of phone apps that help you save a life – especially if you’re first aid trained, but don’t get much practice. Details are on his blog What Can I Do About It?

Beeston blogger Ewan Mitchell has been over on The Culture Vulture blog where he argues that Macaroni Cheese is a home comfort food and has no place on a restaurant menu.

Beyond Guardian Leeds run a very useful news roundup service for Leeds, publishing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. They also have a feature each Friday and this week the historical author Chris Nickson wrote about Jenkinson’s Bug Van and the work of the “Red Vicar of Holbeck” and council housing pioneer.

Over on Facebook the South & Outer East Locality Team pick up on our story of the lorry crash on Dewsbury Road last week. They ask “ever wondered who clears up after things like this?” the answer is, of course, they do!

Café Me’n’u, the social enterprise on the Cardinal estate in Beeston turned into an animal rescue centre last week as they helped rehome an abandoned kitten. They do great lunches too, by the way.

Children are measured and tested at every twist and turn once they start school, but not everyone fits onto the national scale. It was great to hear that Amber, who has autism, is making good progress at school and had a really positive parents evening.

It’s “Kids For A Quid” this weekend at Middleton Railway as children’s tickets are reduced to just £1. They also remind us not to leave it too late to book onto their popular Santa Trains.

Don’t you just hate it when motorbikes are driven up and down your street just to make a noise and show off? Residents of New Forest Village in Middleton got onto the Rothwell Neighbourhood Policing Team and as a result the bike was seized. Result. The lesson is to report incidents, if the Police don’t know, they can’t act.

Meanwhile Holbeck Neighbourhood Policing Team are promoting a free dog microchipping event in Cross Flatts Park on Friday 1st November and encouraging shops not to sell eggs and flour to children in the run up to Hallowe’en.

Runners from Cross Flatts Parkrun and South Leeds Sisters are getting together for a family party on 14th December at the Pheonix Suite at South Leeds Stadium.

And finally, Cottingley in Bloom have been busy planting cabbages and other veg in the planters in Sphinx Square.