South Leeds Life’s newspaper launch

Noor and Jeremy The foyer of Beeston library was busy on Friday afternoon (28 November 2014) as members of the public grabbed their free copy of the South Leeds Life community newspaper.

The timing of the launch coincided with the MP and ward councillor’s monthly advice surgery at the library. Angela Gabriel and Hilary Benn MP had just enough time to skim through the 12 page paper before disappearing to discuss families and individuals concerns.

After the first pilot newspaper back in June, the paper version of the already popular news blog proved we do need to widen the audience of readers. It highlighted the need to reach those who do not have access to the internet. What better way than to help share local issues and positive news stories in the LS10 and LS11 areas by having a good old fashioned newspaper.

Adam and AngelaInterested residents came and chatted to Adam Ogilvie another ward councilor who was there to support the launch. The front page article has already sparked debate: ‘It is time for dogs to be banned from our parks?’ Indeed, that’s what South Leeds Life is all about, stimulating a dialogue between local people for local people. South Leeds Life will be distributing copies on Monday (1 December 2014) in libraries, community centres and schools in the LS10 and LS11 area. This will be followed by a monthly publication.

As always, we are looking for volunteers to contribute to the blog. Maybe you have a story that you would like to put forward to our ‘My South Leeds Life’. Or you are interested in becoming a community reporter? We are interested to hear from you.

Happy reading!

One Reply to “South Leeds Life’s newspaper launch”

  1. I was very interested to read the reply printed in the “South Leeds Life” paper regarding the integration of Muslims into the Leeds 11 area.

    Once again, it seems the local residents of Beeston need to integrate with the Muslim community rather than the other way round.

    As reported in the first issue, we, the people of Beeston, who have have created our community over many many years, would be happy to have Muslims, or anyone else for that matter, to integrate into our society.

    As printed in the paper, I stated the Community could come together in the local public houses and clubs in the area, join in with the facilities we have, and create new friends into OUR, yes OUR Community.

    But the answer was, and I quote, “Muslims should not be seen in public houses or Clubs”.

    WHY NOT?? This is our way of life, this is the way we live, this is the way we have made friends for years and years. This is how local football/rugby teams are made, through people of our Community coming together, joining different sports association/clubs etc.

    It doesn’t have to be a drinking house, Muslims don’t have to drink, we don’t expect Muslims to break their Faith if they are against drinking alcohol. We have soft drinks including water, just join in with the locals, we look forward to your company, share a laugh, a few jokes, and generally have fun.


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