South Leeds Life: Still Moving Forward!!


South Leeds Life Group May13Keen readers will have noticed yesterday’s article in which we said we were looking for people to volunteer for certain positions in South Leeds Life.

Perhaps you’re interested or you know someone who might be but don’t feel you know enough about what South Leeds Life (SLL) does; perhaps you want to get involved but would prefer just to dip your toe in the SLL water at this point or perhaps you’re just a bit intrigued…

Why not come along to our monthly meeting this Thursday (3 October 2013) at 2.00pm at the Former Belle Isle Library, Aberfield Gate, Belle Isle Road, LS10 3QH?  This will give you the opportunity to see what’s been done to the building as well as contributing to our future plans.

We’re always happy to welcome people who haven’t been along before and there’s no high pressure sales techniques to make you do things – we’re a group of people living and working in south Leeds who want to promote our communities and make them better places and have a bit of fun doing so!

The old library is in the same building as the BITMO office at Aberfield Gate. There is a map on the events calendar here.

3 Replies to “South Leeds Life: Still Moving Forward!!”

  1. I’d have liked to come along but it’s during the day when I work. It’s also too close to the kids finishing school so there’s two problems to solve.
    Maybe something to consider for future meetings, or are you just focused on non-workers? 

  2. Craig

    Thanks for this comment. We don’t normally hold meetings at 2.00pm partly because of people with commitments picking up children. We try to move times around so nobody is excluded and will see if we can hold an evening meeting soon.

    1. Excellent. I’ve tried to participate in a few community activities but they do seem to be geared towards unemployed people, and the times are quite restrictive.
      I’ll look forward to the next one!

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