South Leeds Life Meets South Leeds Community Radio


Myself, Jane, Joy, Thembi, St Clair and Jeremy of South Leeds Life  met Jaz at South Leeds Commutuity Radio yesterday.

Jaz from SLCR demonstrates the Ediroll. Photo: Jeremy Morton
Jaz from SLCR demonstrates the Ediroll. Photo: Jeremy Morton


I started off not being able to find the place, until I saw Jeremy at the junction where I should turn in & parked my car. We took our seats in the reception of South Leeds Community Radio. It was a bigger place than I thought, although the recording room was about what I expected.

We were ushered into the recording room where we were shown how to use the mixing unit, which had volume controls, faders microphone inputs & the usual cd deck for playing back records. There was a computer, for use among other things to play records which could be saved, or played straight through to the radio. The microphones for the Dj where directional, to cut out background noise.

We had a break for tea, coffee & biscuits (where was the Garibaldi?). Jeremy tuned his mobile phone into South Leeds Community radio. We noticed that no one was in the recording booth, but the radio programme was going out as live. In fact it was a recording, which is quite common in this type of radio station. You can’t expect someone in the studio 24 hours a day.

While having drinks, Jaz showed us a recording unit called an Ediroll (no bigger than a cigarette packet) which had its own stereo, omni-directional microphones or you can plug in a larger directional microphone for interviewing. The unit also had headphones. It can be used while doing audio outside, or at other places rather than the radio station.

We had a go at recording our own voices. Not many of us, including me, was quite sure about recording in front of others. I’m sure if we were on our own we would talk until the cows came home. One of our group took one of these recoding units away to record an event.

After about two and half hours, we made our way home after a very informative afternoon.

This article was written by Kenneth Ingram using our Community Reporters website