We have all endured Snowmaggedon or The Beast From The East this week, but some us had some fun in the snow too, so here to round off the week are some pictures we took and you sent us.

Thanks to Suzanne and Gracie-Mae, Jules Harrison, Richard Harrison, Sophie McHale-Webster, Claire Morgan and Ed Carlisle and his fellow Igloo builders.

The selection is a bit bit Beeston heavy – have you got photos you could share from Hunslet, belle Isle or Middleton? Email them to info@southleedslife.com.



Sarah Coates wrote: “This is my 22 month old little boy Harrison playing lost his welly in the snow:


Vikki Blake wrote: “Yesterday as it was cold and the snow was turning to ice my daughter helped me out at coffee morning at Dulverton Court. Making sure the residents had a nice hot drink and something hot to eat. Afterwards we saw a lovley gentleman clearing the paths to the school and shops. So we both decided to ask if he wanted help. My daughter got stuck in this the snow shovel to clear the path.

“I know that there were other kids around the Cottingley Hall Estate helping out people in the snow. So I would like to say a very big thank you to all the children and adults who have helped everyone across the whole of Leeds. May I also extend my gratitude to all the emergency services, care workers (in and out of the hospitals), rescue services (including vehicle rescue), every single volunteer of all organisations, each and every person who have made it to work to keep the country ticking over, also animal care workers across the UK. Each and everyone of you are a huge credit. A very big THANK YOU. You all have a snow flake (better then a gold star ha ha).”