Smoking: Time for a Smoke-Free home?

Did you know it takes the force of a hurricane to fully rid a house of cigarette smoke?

DSC02675Neither did Karen until she benefited from Health For All’s Smoke Free Homes project, which encourages people not to smoke in their home – and cars – due to the health impacts on other family members as they breathe in second-hand smoke.

Karen, who suffers from asthma, doesn’t smoke, but has now banned friends smoking in her home as it was affecting her health. She adds:

“I used to become wheezy after they’d been and I couldn’t get the smell out of carpets and furniture. Now I’ve told them to go outside to smoke and I feel much better. It used to stain the walls and wasn’t very nice.”

The project aims to get families to reduce the effects of passive smoking, particularly on childre,n and reduce smoking in the house and car. It’s not about quitting, just not smoking in front of children or family members. The project works in children’s centres schools, health centres and libraries and works with local community organisations.

Anyone can benefit from the project – call Shabana on 0113 2717231 for more details.

The Smoke Free Homes project is run by Health For All and funded by Leeds City Council (public health).