Slung Low Theatre is looking for volunteers


Slung Low Theatre, the company based under the viaduct in Holbeck, is looking for people to help them look after the audience at their upcoming production in September.

Slung Low White Whale

They are currently creating a new show called The White Whale. It’s a new adaptation of Moby Dick by James Phillips that will be performed on a floating stage in Leeds Dock in September 2014. Each night an audience of 300 will stand around Leeds Dock listening to the show on headphones whilst the action takes place in front of them on the water.

Working away from their normal venue on Bath Road, Slung Low need some help. Getting 300 sets of headphones to people, getting them to the spot where they can see the show, making sure everyone is happy, keeping watch over them as they enjoy the show, and getting their headphones off them at the end of the night will require a team of front of house volunteers.

The show runs for 9 nights; 4-7 September and 10-14 September 2014. Volunteers can sign up for as many, or as few as they want. In order to sign up you just need to fill in this simple form here. You’ll be shown what you need to do at the dress rehearsal and will see the show before anyone else gets the chance. You need no previous experience, we’ll provide any training that you will need.

If you just want to watch the show, the good news is that tickets are FREE. To get your tickets go to