Pure Gym and BITMO GATE Get Together For A Biking Challenge



Quote from Julie Holmes (Volunteer at BITMO GATE) .1 (12)

Pure Gym joined BITMO GATE on Friday 4 July, for a biking challenge on an exercise bike.

We didn’t get the crowds we thought but still had an enjoyable couple of hours.            

Quite a few of the people that turned up are actually thinking of joining Pure Gym.

The two coaches Ian and Aidy , gave out advice on keeping fit and active, and showed us all how to use the bikes.

This was to tie in with Tour De France the next day and encourage people to get on their bikes or exercise at a Gym.

1 (4)Ian & Aidy brought an exercise bike which many people had a go on.

The type of bike they brought, (Ian tells me from the gym) there are 35 of these at the Hunslet Gym.

Was also an idea to get people to exercise on road bikes, as well as exercising in the gym.

Last week for 3 days Pure Gym went to the Leeds Railway Station and encouraged children to have a go on exercise bike as the came off the trains. This idea was called The Railway Children.
That certainly brought back memories of the film many years ago, with Jenny Agutter.

Pure Gym where giving out leaflets with a free day passes at the gym, where you can go and try the equipment for the day. Contact the Gym on www.puregym.com/day-pass

Will have to go down to the gym, when I get the time.